These past 23 years the Cueto family has proudly owned and operated Imperial

Lakewoods Golf Club. It is with a somewhat bitter-sweet heart we now say

goodbye and hand over the reigns of Imperial to the Zelnik family.


We have much to be grateful for and are so very thankful to so many people.

To the friendly faces of Imperial: our wonderful pro-shop staff, some of whom

have worked with us from the start, for your kind service and dedicated work

with our customers we thank you.


To all of the cart guys, starters, rangers and maintenance crews who took great

care of our customers and maintained the clubhouse area and the golf club.

They gave not only their time but their hearts to the everyday routine to keep

Imperial running smoothly we thank you.


To the restaurant grill staff who have stuck with us through the heat of summer

and chill of winter, not to mention all the rain, we thank you for choosing to give

your time and considerable care to our club.


All of our golfers who chose to play here, especially our “regulars” who

supported not only the golf course by playing here often, but also, staying and

eating and drinking here as well.


We are thankful to have known you all and

feel lucky to have met some real characters over the last 23 years!

It was Augie Cueto, whose “vision brought us together”, but it was the

wonderful friendships we were fortunate to have enjoyed that kept us together.


Thanks for the memories,

Olga, Ric, John, Patty, Robyn and Lisa